11075230_10206519268763507_1387450366158031996_nI’ve searched far and wide for things in life that make my eyes twinkle. What can I say, I have a true love for crushed fermented grapes, red or white, sparkling or smooth, it doesn’t matter, I will try it all and enjoy most of it.

With a lot of my free time spent visiting wineries,  drinking wine at restaurants, attending wine events and everything in between involving an aromatic beverage in my hand, I thought why not write about it.

Just a few of the things you will find on this blog if you kindly decide to follow:

– Wine tasting trips with photos, quotes and notes

– Restaurant visits with wine drinks and food eats

– Tips and tools on wine tasting, purchasing and pairing

– Plenty of laughs and entertainment from a young wine lovers world

I won’t try to butcher technical terms nor words of wine many do not recognize,  although I do have plenty of thoughts on taste, texture and technique, for the most part my wine adventures are simply good times with my beloved friends and family usually in places where technical wine vocabulary does not pop up.

I hope you enjoy my world of wine as I pick my favorites off the vine.


Dana Pearson


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