Sunday Work-day Inspiration

On this bright, sun-filled, Sunday fun-day a small amount of work still must get done. An amazing bottle of fruity crushed grape inspiration on the patio is a perfect combination to enhance the creativeness on my Sunday work-day.

IMG_9140Today’s inspiration comes from Babcock Winery in Lompoc Ca, part of the  Sta. Rita Hills American Viticulture Appellation located on California’s Central Coast in Santa Barbara County. This is a little gem full of wine-tasting country with the Pacific Ocean’s marine layer and afternoon ocean breezes traveling the coastal valley corridors between the Purisima Hills and the Santa Rosa Hills, creating an environment perfect for growing Pinot Noir and other cool grape varieties

This 2012 Pinot Noir is one true to it’s environment creating the perfect amount of delicious red liquid inspiration on a day full of warm sun beating down and vitamin D absorbing in our skin while back yard kickin’ it. We started this Pinot Noir a bit chilled then let it open up and really get the full flavors with a nice fruit forward start, rounded finish and left us wanting more for sure.

You might hear the word Lompoc and think- huh– at least that was my first thought. I came to find out it is a cute little town in the Sta. Rita Hills, just minutes away are some of the best Pinot Noir. I had the joy of spending a day among these rolling hills of vines and got to have my pick off the vine along the way.

This one happened to make it’s way back up north a few weeks ago and today seemed like a good day to open it up.  If you ever make it to the area, Babcock Winery is definitely one to put on the wine-tasting list. The fancy wear-house setting is atop a hill with breathtaking views  and delicious wines making for a perfect day.

Enjoy your Sunday fun-day even if a little work-day is involved- grab a wine key and pop open some inspiration- because you deserve it.

Cheers until the next pick off the vine!