Cruzin’, Cider And Sparkles

I’ve been a bit MIA only to return back to my blogging with an unfinished piece about my weekend in the beautiful Santa Cruz with cider, sparkling wine and more. From local pubs, a classic breakfast and 99 bottles of beer, I had an all-around wonderful taste of Santa Cruz.

It was about one month ago that a weekend away took me out of my usual swirling in the glass. Undoubtedly so, I enjoyed myself. Cruzin’ on my custom ride down the coast while tasting a delectable selection of eats and drinks and meeting some friendly individuals.


Day one. Starting on a mission to find a bike lock for the beauty to your left- credit goes to the BF. After a beautiful bike ride down the coast I ended up back in town where my mission was completed. With more than up-to-par customer service from Another Bike Shop, I felt comfortable and could stop to enjoy an afternoon beverage and snack. I was at ease that my not-so-discreet bicycle would be safe and securely U-locked. 


I tooIMG_8841k a recommendation from a gentleman at the bike shop and spent my snack time at The Parish Publick House. Gulped down a dry and crisp cider. It was not too sweet, which is what I prefer. It was a perfectly refreshing end to my bike ride. To compliment my cider I went with fresh garlic fries- crinkle garlic fries to be exact. They were just enough crunch on the outside, soft on the inside and could have kept any vampire attack away- just in case. 

Day two. I started at a local hotspot, Zachary’s Santa Cruz. I enjoyed a classic known as Mike’s Mess. This was a mouthwatering abundance of fluffy eggs, melted cheese, flavor packed meats and much more.

IMG_8847I teamed the mess with a wine that sparkled and a touch of OJ. The BF stopped in on his lunch break then back to work he went. I remained without knowing I would soon hear my favorite comment of the day- possibly the entire weekend- as my server stated, “I like how you do breakfast”.

We laughed and I responded, I’m a firm believer in wine for breakfast as long as it sparkles”.

From here I cruised the streets towards ciders and gluten free beers at another recommended spot from the local bike shop- 99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall. Here, I tried ciders and gluten free beers I’d never had before and I met some really great people.

logo6Below are the few I made it through. If you do have 99 problems. Don’t worry, if you visit this spot, finding a beverage certainly won’t be one of them.

Starting my round of tastes with the Everett Family Farm Soquel Cider. They use hand-picked 100% Organically grown apples from orchards at Everett Family Farm. This was very crisp, dry and refreshing with a bit of a kick at 8.3% alcohol. If you are not a fan of sweet ciders this is definitely a must. Take precaution, as you can see, the alcohol percentage is a bit higher than the usual.

The next one came from. S Cruz Scrumpy’s Ciders which are made from 4 varieties of apples and blended with either Pomegranate or Cherry juice. Providing the three different flavored options. I had the cherry which was sweet and tangy. It was a nice opposite to the selection above, providing my taste-buds with a flip of the switch. I am more of a dry cider fan however I know many who love a sweet cocktail once in a while so if you are one of them, this is a must-try.

And last, but never least, I tried the gluten free Omission IPA with bright hops forward produced in the spirit of the original IPAs shipped from the UK to India in the late 1800’s. Cascade and Summit hops give it notable pine, citrus, and grapefruit aromas and flavors. I was super excited to find a different gluten free beer than I’m used too and it was just what I needed to settle down that sweetness from the Cherry Cider.

With the BF working 12 hour days – not part of the plan- my Santa Cruz journey turned solo. I was by myself. I was In a town I did not know. I had a bicycle and Google Maps. Let’s just say I was hesitant at first but ended up really enjoying personal ‘Me Time’.

To me the less-planned moments are those we remember the most and my fly by the seat of your pants weekend in Santa Cruz is one I will definitely remember. 

Till the next pick off the vine- cheers!


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