Wine On. Universe Off

It’s Friday and it’Wine Ons almost time to flip that switch!

Okay, please tell me I’m not the only one who wakes up every Friday morning and thinks- only eight hours left until I get to flip the switch, open a bottle of wine and turn the universe off?

*Sometimes it happens on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and, well no, well okay I’ll admit, Thursday too but today we are talking about Friday.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off. I look at the clock and automatically think, at 5 o’clock I get to enjoy one of those delicious bottles sitting in my wine rack down stairs. A smile on my face appears and it’s time to roll out of bed. I head down stairs, in auto pilot  of course, no way I’d be that up n’ rearing to go at 6am without my caffeine fix . Put the water in, scoop out the ground coffee beans, hit the start button. The coffee aroma seeps through the house and once a first sip is taken this auto pilot is in complete control of Friday- bring it on!

This photo caught my eye as it goes perfect with Friday and my love for wine. I firmly believe that if you work hard you should get to relax with fine wine. Maybe I think about that sip a bit more often than others but after a week of brain activity I’m certainly ready for the clock to strike 5pm, head home and pop open a bottle of scrumptious vino- I have been waiting since 6am and all.

I think I’ll go with a rich and full-bodied Cabernet when I get home- sounds just perfect for this, what looks to be, stormy afternoon. Then I think I’ll grab a bottle of crisp and chilled white or rose to take to our Sushi date this evening because after 5 o’clock today the only thing that exists is me,  my wine and of course the wonderful individuals who will be sharing in the delight with me.

Now go turn off that switch and enjoy a nice glass (or bottle, or two….) of wine yourself. Say goodbye to the universe for a bit and hello to “you”- because you worked hard this week and deserve it.



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