Frozen Grapes To Chill Your Wine

Happy Friday!Grape-Cubes

I wanted to remind you of an easy wine tip to keep in mind for what is looking like a bright, sun shiny weekend.

It is always a sad moment when you are trying to enjoy every last sip of deliciousness, only to come to the point of guzzling down those last few, in fear of it heating up to a temperature of non-drinkable. This is wine-tragedy in my book.

Which brings me to a solution to keep wine cold and avoid any mishaps of watering down a delicious glass of wine on a beautiful day. Keep those whites, roses and bubbles at the temperature of your liking with a simple frozen grapes recipe.

This recipe for keeping chilled wine – chilled – is probably one the most simplistic you will find. Head to your local market. Grab a bag of grapes, red or green, doesn’t matter. Throw them in a bowl, or if you really don’t want to waste time, keep them in a bag. Toss them into the freezer. Wait a few hours.

Voila! You have made grapecubes- homemade and guaranteed to keep is cold and never water down your glass of purely drinkable delight. Did I mention, they are a delicious snack too.

Enjoy- cheers to the weekend!


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