Super Bowl Sunday Sips

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. A day when Sunday Fun-day gets even better in my opinion. Full of football, scrumptious food and of course plenty of ice cold…

What? Doesn’t everyone drink wine on Super Bowl Sunday?

Okay, okay I know the typical Super Bowl Sunday ice chest may have been full of ice cold beer in the past. However, today it is not uncommon to hear the conversation of what wine will pair perfectly with those half-time nachos and fourth quarter buffalo wings. Invite a beverage to your party this year that will bring out the flavors of each appetizer- it’s definitely on my guest list.

Would you expect any less?

So as I find myself getting ready for the big day of pig skin being thrown down the field and big burly men tackling one another all on one mission to get passed that line for a touchdown. What eats to prepare and with what wine, can’t be done without a little inspiration . This brings me to my current enjoyable beverage- a lovely glass of Jeriko Pinot Noir Rose from Mendocino. It paired perfectly with the homemade traditional Mexican disIMG_8521h for lunch, IMG_8520 (1)Pozole- one of my favorites. Just enough spices to even out the zing in my rose.

As I enjoy my wine on this beautiful sun shinny day, I find myself searching wine and football. That is what today is all about- right? After finding a few fun football and wine ties I came across a couple wineries owned by NFL players I thought I would share. Glad to find out even the tough guys out on the field have a soft palette for fancy Super Bowl sips.

Drew Bledsoe: Doubleback

Charles Woodson: Twenty-four Wines

Okay, time to go kick back and enjoy the game with a little red, white or pink any will do just fine.



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