From PF Chang’s to Clarksburg

Flash back Friday all the way to last Saturday.

It started off bright and sunny with a traditional rouIMG_8465tine. Woke up, made coffee and took Sookie (the dog) for a stroll. I awaited the arrival of my cousin for a day of wine tasting at the Old Sugarmill in Clarksburg- or so we planned.

For some reason things never tend to work out as we plan….

At 1pm we head to the train station- which happens to be very convenient and according to my cousin, a lovely trip from the bay.

Key note to point out at this time of the day, we have yet to get ready, a little lazy Saturday is all.

‘Casually’ dressed, we debate on PF Chang’s or a brunch kind of day (code for bottomless mimosas). Among this decision is always the gluten free factor as my friend is deathly intolerant and we did not want anyone going to the hospital.

PF Chang’s won. One of the best gluten free options – in our opinion. We sat at the bar (my favorite seat in the house), were greeted by a kind gentleman and asked the magic question of what to drink. I chose a crisp and delightful Sauvignon Blanc (the usual lunch wine for me), my cousin went with a ‘creamy’ Chardonnay and my friend went with Angry Orchard hard apple cider.

After good eats, drinks and conversation we were ready to be on our way to the next stop- Old Sugarmill in Clarksburg. Reminder we have yet to get ready. Three women. You probably know where this is going.

Yep, as I mentioned before- things never seem to go as planned. This brings me to a 4:30pm arrival across the river at the Old Sugarmill, due to a few side-tracks, not bad side-tracks, but this just meant we only had a half hour before the entire place closed- EEK!

IMG_8483First stop was an all time favorite of mine, Todd Taylor. Staying true to his varietals they were full of flavor and perfectly balanced. Down to the barrel tasting Todd never fails me.

With little time to spare wIMG_8484e took a slight hop, skip and jump across the hall to Merlo Family. With just 5 minutes till closing they were very polite to let us come in, taste and chat a bit as they were cleaning up.

Their Pinot Noir is always a favorite of mine ever since my mom and I received a SCREAMIN’ deal on it for Black Friday- we are now hooked.

We knew the doors were closing and our wine tasting trip was coming to an end but of course we were nowhere near ready to leave one my favorite places. this brings us to the purchase of a bottle of Merlot’s dry Rose’ to enjoy out back in the courtyard before our ride arrived.

Wait! There was a light on in the winery tucked away in back. A figure of a man walking out made us stop in our tracks. He must have noticed the cackling ladies coming around the corner as he stated to our delightful surprise what we always love to hear……

“Would you like to taste some wine”

Um YES. Perry Creek Winery opened after close to let us come in and taste their varietals, all ofCapture which we loved and the service was impeccable. I ended up taking home their full bodied, scrumptious bottle of Altitude 2401 Zinfandel 2010- can’t wait to drink it!

It was the opening of doors that made this wine trip stick out for me- of course the delicious wines too- but the simple gesture to invite us in for just those few extra minutes at closing gained a few new customers who will last forever.

Our day of wine tasting finally came to an end. Time to head home with bags of wine and laughter in the air – can’t say our driver loved us, but a few tipsy ladies sure had a great time.

Cheers till the next pick off the vine!


Pick Off The Vine

Coffee keeps me going until wine o'clock (1)

Getting started.

What to pick or not to pick. An evening of rich, full bodied red wine. A warm afternoon with crisp, refreshing white wine. A refreshing glass of bubbly rather than the usual coffee.

Often I am stuck with the decision of what wine to pick off the vine which brought to my attention a perfect title for a blog all about what, why and where the wine choosing takes place.

Though I do switch up most definitely. I have noticed over my eight years of wine drinking (approximately) that specific times, locations and occasions do play a role on the particular choices I make as to which wine will be in my glass.

A short snippet of my personal drinking habits is below- no need to follow as their are no rules to enjoying wine just simply observations I have found in my routine.

Red Wine: Was my main go-to for many years however I have grown to love many others just the same but they are usually enjoyed by me during the evenings, on cold winter days and at elegant dinners.

White Wine: Where my wine tasting all began- Sutter Homes Mascato. I now find myself enjoying often on warm summer days, at afternoon barbecues or lunch, beach days and of course anytime I am avoiding purple teeth mishaps.

Bubbles: I’m a big fan of wine with breakfast if it’s bubbly. That’s all.

Sweet Wine: Always enjoy with my sister who happens to love the sweetest of the sweet wines. You can capture her attention with any sweet Riesling or Moscato.

Port: Love Port on the perfect occasions. Chocolate is a must, after elegant dinners and fine dining and of course port parties.